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HPLC – (U)HPLC columns

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Sorbents used in liquid chromatography vary widely in their characteristics, especially in terms of hydrophobicity, of selectivity, and of polarity, and therefore have very different chromatographic behaviour.

Consequently, we offer a wide range of columns, including our own, in order to supply you with the product corresponding to your specific needs.

GC - GC/MS columns

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Regarding gas chromatography, we offer capillary and other packed columns made of stainless steel or glass, in partnership with Ohio Valley Specialty


Syringes filters

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imChem offers you a complete range of membrane and syringe filters, with or without certificates.

Available in various materials, Nylon, PTFE, PVDF,CA, RC, PP, PES, MCE, GMF, they allow to answer all the applications of filtration of samples or mobile phases.

Our range of filters presents an excellent value for money.

Do not hesitate to send us an enquiry if you have any question.


Laboratory standards

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imChem offers the ranges of the major standards laboratories: TRC, EDQM, USP...


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With the help of Nacalai Tesque, the Japanese leader in the field of natural sciences we are extending our range and offering you chemical and biological reagents.

LC spares parts & Lamps

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For the maintenance of your HPLC systems, we propose most common spare parts, seals, plungers...as well as a complete range of deuterium lamps for your UV detectors.

Our range of lamps also includes replacement lamps for spectrophotometers and hallow cathod lamps for atomic absorption.

Vials &Caps

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imChem offers a wide range of quality vials available and suitable for the most popular instruments currently in use...

HPLC Bulk Silica

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Phases used in liquid chromatography vary widely in their characteristics, especially in terms of hydrophobicity, selectivity, and polarity. 

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