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imChem Surf SILICA

The performance of the Surf columns comes firstly from the quality of the silica used.

Spherical particles

The natural silica of the Surf columns is composed of homogenously sized spherical particles.

Very low metal content

As shown in the table, the Surf silica has a very low content in metal.
In the following pages, we have chosen to display our columns made from a 100A pore-sized silica, which is the ideal size for small molecules separation..

Our range also features other sizes of pores.
The specific surface of the Surf silica is 310m2/g for 100A.

  • High number of theoretical plates per meter.
  • Controlled separation, fine peak tailings and optimised analysis duration.

The narrow distribution of particle size, combined with a specific surface and an optimal pore volume allows for robust particles with excellent retention characteristics.

electronic microscope  view of silica grains

Surf Silica
Specific Surface 310 m2/g
Pores volume 0,8 ml/g
Na in ppm less than 10
Ti in ppm less than 10
Ca in ppm less than 10
Mg in ppm less than 10
Al in ppm less than 10
Fe in ppm less than 10
Zr in ppm less than 10

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