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Our HPLC Surf Preparative Column Manufacturing

 imChem proposes this ranges of fine products:

Surf HPLC Preparative columns

3 pastilles Quality, Made in France et logo SurfFrom Analytical HPLC to High Resolution Preparative LC.

Surf is ImChem's workhorse for analytical method development and routine analysis.

It's ultra-high purity silica, comprehensive reversed phase selectivity and high resolution makes Surf the No. 1 choice for QC and R&D labs.

However, many of our numerous users worldwide asked us to supply a solution to scale up from analytical HPLC to preparative LC, maintaining Surf's high performance from grams to kilos.

  • Surf Prep is available in 5µm and 10µm particles, both as packed columns - 10 to 50mm ID and 50 to 250mm length - or bulk - from 100g to 20kg, allowing you to obtain the same analytical selectivity, robustness and performance from your analytical method up to your DAC system.
  • All Surf analytical packings are available in semiprep and prep columns and bulk, preventing you to compromise over selectivity to achieve your resolutiongoal.
  • This represents the unique guarantee imChem brings towards your needs.



Preparative Surf Columns



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